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G2500   Bracelet, Friendship 2 with envelope
G3415   Crochet Purse Key chain
ABF1   Flip Flop Bracelets
ABFN12   Flip Flop Necklace - 12 strand
ABFN6   Flip Flop Necklace - 6 strand
ABFR1   Flip Flop Rings - Set of 6
PFPPL   Flute, Pincullo Carved/Colors 10'
G6009   Footbag/Hackysacks, crocheted - Set of 30
G6009na   Footbags - Noah's Ark
G2505   Friendship bracelets on board
G5105   Glass Beaded Bracelet - Set of 120 includes display box
G5105a   Glass Beaded Bracelet, filler set -Set of 60
G5100   Glass Beaded Necklace - Set of 120 includes display box
G5100a   Glass Beaded Necklace, filler set - Set of 60
GRHBB   Headband, Braided Design
AKFCR   Key Chain, Cross
AK3FR   Key Chain, Frog
AK3GE   Key Chain, Gecko
AK3LA   Key Chain, Ladybug
AK3TU   Key Chain, Turtle
AKFHE   Keychain, Heart
PM104   Mask - Inca Amulet Mini
PMS05   Mask - SICAN Mini in shadow box
ANB15   Ndebele Doll, Bride 15"
ANB27   Ndebele Doll, Bride 27"
ANB40   Ndebele Doll, Bride 40"
ANC10   Ndebele Doll, Ceremonial 10"
ANC18   Ndebele Doll, Ceremonial 18"
ANF06   Ndebele Doll, Fertility 6"
ANI10   Ndebele Doll, Initiation 10"
ANI18   Ndebele Doll, Initiation 18"
ANL15   Ndebele Doll, Linga Koba 15"
ANL27   Ndebele Doll, Linga Koba 27"
ANL40   Ndebele Doll, Linga Koba 40"
ANS75   Ndebele Doll, Sangoma 7.5"
PONDO   Ocarina NECKLACE - Dolphin
PONPN   Ocarina NECKLACE - Penguin
PONWH   Ocarina NECKLACE - Whale
PODGD   Ocarina, Color Design Group
PO3DO   Ocarina, Dolphin
PO3FR   Ocarina, Frog
PO3MA   Ocarina, Macaw
PO3OW   Ocarina, Owl
PO3TO   Ocarina, Toucan
PO3TU   Ocarina, Turtle
PO3WH   Ocarina, Whale
GOBG3   Ornament - Glass Beaded Set
GOWDW   Ornament - Worry Doll Wreath
PGOGC   Ornament Gourd, Carved Birds
PGOCO   Ornament Gourd, Holiday Asst'd Colors
APCB   Paperclip Bookmark, Beaded Critter Group - set of 6
ABP1   Plastic Bag Bracelets - THIN
ABP2   Plastic Bag Bracelets - WIDE
GRHSC   Scrunchy Hair Tie
PDBSB   Skull Bracelet - Blk & Wht
PDKSB   Skull Keychain - Blk & Wht
PDMSB   Skull Magnet - Blk/Wht
PDMSC   Skull Magnet - Color
PDNSB   Skull Necklace - Blk & Wht
PSFEA   Stone Figure - Eagle
PKES   Stone Figure Earrings - SEA Group
PKEZ   Stone Figure Earrings - ZOO Group
PKND   Stone Figure Necklace - Dinosaur Group
PKNS   Stone Figure Necklace - SEA Group
PKNZ   Stone Figure Necklace - ZOO Group
ATCHM   Tin Chameleon
ATELM   Tin Elephant
ATFRM   Tin Frog
ATALM   Tin Gator
ATGEM   Tin Gecko
ATGIM   Tin Giraffe
CGFR2   Two Friendship Bracelets
PWWH   Water Whistles
G3800P   Worry Doll Bookmark/Paperclip
G1015   Worry doll coin purse key chain
G3820   Worry Doll Key Chain
G3529   Worry Doll Magnet
G3509   Worry Dolls, 4 large in Textile Bag
G3500   Worry Dolls, 6 mini in Pine Box
G1014   Woven coin purse key chain

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