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Ndebele Doll, Bride 40"
Ndebele Doll, Bride 40"

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Handmade in South Africa by Women of the Ndebele tribe.

Bride - 40" -
This gorgeous doll is in the traditional dress of an Ndebele Bride and stands 40 inches tall! This is truly a piece of art. If you are looking to create an Ndebele doll statement, it is suggested to purchase one LARGE doll as a focal point with other dolls surrounding her. Each doll comes with an informational story tag.

Story of the Bride:
The panels of her apron are symbolic of the deposit of 5 head of cattle toward the "Lobolo" (bride price). She wears a beaded train (Inyoga), which hangs from her shoulders. Her face is covered by a beaded veil called a Siyaya.

Color: Each doll is unique with its own color combination.

Sold individually.

**Please contact Green Giraffe office for picture of selection on hand. Will accommodate your choice as much as possible.

Items are individually handcrafted so sizes and colors will vary.