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Ndebele Doll, Fertility 6"
Ndebele Doll, Fertility 6"

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Handmade in South Africa by Women of the Ndebele tribe.

Fertility 6" -
Each doll comes with an informational story tag. Dolls come in assorted bright colors and bead detail.

Story of the Fertility: Fertility is of major importance to the Ndebele people. A fertility doll is made secretly for the bride by the maternal grandmother and is ritually presented to her when she enters her new hut after the wedding ceremony. According to custom, after the birth of their third child, the fertility doll must be given away or destroyed because it is considered unlucky to keep it any longer.

Color: Each doll is unique with its own color combination.

Sold individually.

Items are individually handcrafted so sizes and colors will vary.