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Ndebele Doll, Initiation 18"
Ndebele Doll, Initiation 18"

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Handmade in South Africa by Women of the Ndebele tribe.

Initiation 18" - This Initiation doll is in the traditional dress of a married woman! She is adorned with a multi colored cloak with glass bead detailing. Beads are plentiful from head to toe. The brass rings around the neck symbolize wealth and status. Only married women are allowed to wear the rings called "dzilla". Each doll comes with an informational story tag. Dolls come in assorted bright colors and bead detail.

Story of the Initiation: The style of apron signifies that she has borne a child within wedlock and symbolizes her status as a parent.

Color: Each doll is unique with its own color combination.

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