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Glass Beaded Necklace - Set of 120 includes display box
Glass Beaded Necklace - Set of 120 includes display box

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Packaged: Set of 120 in display box

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Handmade in Guatemala.

BEST SELLER! Part of our Best Seller list for over 5 years, these necklaces are made of beautiful glass beads, strung with strong fish line. Two beaded loops at end for adjusting length and beaded ball to keep necklace securely closed. Comes packaged in handmade wooden jewelry box with colorful product picture story on inside lid. Lid of box stays open as it is made with a rubber band spring method.

We also sell a "filler set" Item G5100a, which consists of 60 necklaces without box.

Colors: Assorted beautiful combinations of blues, reds, naturals, pinks, yellows, greens, oranges and more!

Minimum quantity 1 set of 120 bracelets

Items are individually handcrafted so sizes and colors will vary.