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Mask - Inca Amulet Mini
Mask - Inca Amulet Mini


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Traditionally worn for sacrificial rites, these Inca masks were considered as amulets to communicate with the gods. Jaime Zapata handcrafts the masks from a combination of paper-mâché and Plaster of Paris and adorns them with jute headdresses.

Story Behind the Art:

Jaime Zapata Espinoza creates masks inspired by his profound Peruvian roots. 'My objective is to transmit human emotions in seemingly animated objects. I use recycled paper and textiles, cans, and some vegetal elements like rushes. Colors are given with natural oxides and earths. To decorate my pieces I also use hand-woven elements with Inca motifs,' explains the artisan, who has exhibited his work in Peru, Germany and Japan.

Limited Quantity

Size: Mask with hair 9.5" x 4"